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First Class Bathroom Renovations is a family-run business specialising in beautiful, quality bathrooms. We want to create the bathroom of your dreams that will enhance not only the value of your home but also the way you use this important space.

Our focus is on achieving complete customer satisfaction and offering a personalised service, whether it be for a full renovation or one of our other services, including laundry makeovers, general wall & floor tiling and shower repairs.
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What We Can Offer You

Quality, Experience & Affordable

We are proven professionals with almost 20 years experience who will be able to provide a fully project managed renovation - from your initial consultation to the final fixture installed - at a highly competitive price. We can supply and fix, or fix only - the choice is up to you.

A Stress Free Experience

We can complete all aspects of your renovation, or any other tiling project, with minimum fuss and a practical approach that will make the whole experience so much easier. You will only ever have to deal with one person who will oversee all aspects of your project. The scope of work undertaken can be as little or as much as you need. And no matter how large or small your project is you will receive the same high level of service.

Professionalism and Reliability

Our team takes pride itself in providing on-time, efficient, clean and friendly service, and that's exactly what you'll receive. We know it's important for us to get in and out as quickly as possible whilst providing the highest quality workmanship. If you appreciate this level of service then we are the perfect choice for your renovation or tiling project.

Our work is fully guaranteed

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